You Know Your Hairdresser And Barber Are Highly Trained And Licensed ....
But What About Your Auto Mechanic? .... Seriously!

From the very cluttered desk of: Lisa
Owner: AutoCare EXPERTS Inc.
RE: Stop Auto Repair Rip Offs

Dear Friends: Welcome!

And Fasten Your seat belt. I'm about to 'EXPOSE' You, to the Dark- Dank- Underbelly that still exists today in the Auto Repair Industry. And it's just waiting - for YOU! (But I'm pretty sure, You've probably already experienced it.)

...And NO, I'm not only referring to those dimly lit garages off a back alley somewhere with that, "We'll Do It For LESS" sign flashing in the window.

Those are far from the MOST Dangerous Repair Shops that YOU need to be aware of!

You're going to be privy to INSIDER INFORMATION ... known only to a very few ... outside the Auto Repair Industry...

Believe me when I tell you - this is only going to further infuriate an already ticked off (at me) local Auto Repair community.

So why am I willing to take on the Wrath of the other Shop owners?

... because It's become far to Dangerous to keep this Crucial Information a Secret from YOU ... any longer!

Hi, my name is Lisa Flading, and I have a story to tell YOU, about how YOU too can protect yourself and your family against predatory Auto Repair Shops. (For More Grab Your 'EXPOSED' Report NOW!)

You're probably wondering if I'm serious. Or maybe a little crazy, talking about Barbers and Hairdressers on an Auto Repair Website.

Please bare with me, and I promise, you'll understand completely how all this relates to You getting your vehicle maintained and repaired in an honest, trust worthy, and SAFE Auto Repair Facility.

Finally, put an end to your Frustration of being taking for a "Ride" every time you have to deal with the Repair or Maintenance of your vehicle?

Just know this ... Today is the day ... YOU take back Control!


I hope you'll find THIS Auto Repair website extremely Informative, and also ... like NO other Repair Shop website you've ever visited.

(It is intended For YOUR Information!)

YOU absolutely need to have this Critical Information NOW, before you schedule your next Auto Repair or Maintenance appointment.

This Dangerous SECRET - is all about Your Safety and Security!

Ok, It's Not Really A Secret! - It's Always Been Public Knowledge...

.... But you needed to know what you were looking for!

For many of you, learning this "Secret" will be a HUGE eye opener. For others, the answer will be that, Ah-Ha moment to those nagging little questions you've had for sometime - concerning the Auto Repair Industry. So lets get to it .... Ready?


It's true. Most of the driving population out there on the road, right now, as you read this important critical information, are totally UNAWARE that their Mechanic, the person that's actually tearing that very sophisticated computerized brake system apart or maybe dismantling the entire front suspension, is NOT Required to have ANY formal Training or Licensing to work on their vehicle!

"So, Now YOU Know This Very Dangerous Secret the Auto Repair Industry Has Kept Hidden From the Driving Public... Until Now! "

Here's just ONE Outrageous Example... Unbelievable!

Why do you think your Hairdresser or Barber would be Required by law, to (successfully) complete 1500 hours of formal professional training ... just to cut your Hair?

That's 40 hour weeks, for over 10 months, just to qualify to take extensive State Board administered testing exams. Which they then must Pass Successfully.

And yet, Your Mechanic, (The very person) working on that very complicated computer on wheels (your vehicle) that you daily load your most valuable cargo into (kids, pets, family, and friends) and head off down the freeway at 70 miles an hour, is Not Required to have ANY Training... or License... what so ever!

This ranks right up there with handing a Loaded Firearm to a five year old ....

.... Ya just know, sooner or later... someone is going to get Hurt!

It ONLY takes a few business cards, and some tools, and anyone is considered Qualified to do repairs or maintenance on YOUR vehicles!

I'll show you, just how to protect yourself from these un-trained and un-licensed mechanics ... after I explain to you how I discovered this Dangerous Hidden Secret myself!

This is Deadly Serious!

Here's how I discovered this Dangerous Hidden Secret. And how,­

"A Woman", (that's me, Lisa) came to own an Extremely Successful, Honest, and Certified Auto Repair Shop.

I'm EXPOSING what's going on behind the scenes, to help ARM you with enough information to protect yourself, as well as family and friends from the many dangerous and exploitive Auto Repair scams out there. (Believe me, they're everywhere!)

After being a Single Mom with three kids just a few short years ago, working sometimes two and three jobs just to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. (and many times that seemed near impossible) The LAST thing I needed was to deal with a car breakdown.

When I say, "Deal" with a breakdown, I'm not only talking about being a foot, with no transportation, trying to get me to work and my kids to school. But now, I also had to try and find a repair shop that wouldn't Rip Me OFF! (Sounding familiar yet?)

Honesty in a Repair Shop, was something I had YET to experience myself in my many years of vehicle ownership.

Remember, at times, I didn't have two cents to rub together. I surely couldn't afford to get taken advantage of by a Rip-Off Repair Shop... AGAIN!

And just Possibly, (probably) still end up with an un-reliable or maybe even, un-safe vehicle. Yet many times it happened, again and again and again... much to my Horror.

What most Repair Shops didn't realize when I came walking through their doors - was that at 15, when I bought my first car, my father wouldn't let me drive it, or even start it, until I could perform what "He" considered basic vehicle maintenance.

So, 'some' of what these 'other' shops were trying to sell me, I could see (Thanks to Dad) were just more of their useless, profit making scams and schemes. (Trying to pad that bottom line.)

Of course, that didn't make them very happy. And I soon found myself being charged for unnecessary repairs in "other" ways.

Unfortunately, with the New Technology, I was starting to find myself just as vulnerable as everyone else .

Never in a million years did I Imagine, as I was changing those spark plugs, wires, and distributors, with my Dad, that there would come a time we'd basically be driving a computer with wheels...

... And, spark plugs would sky rocket from just a dollar or two, to $35 and up. Really!

With this rapidly advancing Technology, "Trust" became a Huge issue with me, and the entire Auto Repair Industry. Even after I met Ed, (my husband) and needed brakes on my little VW Bug, I still took it to the one person in town I "thought", I could trust. :)

I had a friend that worked for an auto parts store, ­so I brought my own parts, and had my "trusty" Auto Repair shop put the brake pads on for me. (Without ever turning my brake rotors AND of course, with no guarantee!)

I know Now, that I was being charged this entire time, almost triple what I should have been. OUCH! But, I trusted them. And I paid for it. Boy, did I Pay for it! They took me straight to the bank, each and every time.

(Struggling, Single Mom, three kids ... They couldn't care less!)

I'm sure, they must have been laughing, all the way to the Bank...

.... And of course it was, Their BANK!

When my husband Ed and I first met, I quickly learned that he'd been in the Repair business for the majority of his life.

He thought he'd seen it all .... But, it's only get'in worse!

From high school, to teaching college courses, to track mechanic in the Army. Ed then went on to building planes for Boeing, where he also received his A and P Mechanical Certifications.

Ed also worked directly for Nissan, where he received further Factory Training and Certification. And last but NOT least, he received his ASE MASTER Mechanics License.

I knew that THIS guy was the Real Deal.

Finally, not only a guy I could Trust, but also a Real Licensed Technician! (How's that for kill'in two birds with one stone!)

About the same time Ed and I came together, It just so happened, the Repair Shop Ed was working in became available for purchase.

How can I pass this up? It's an awesome opportunity to not only HELP the people just like me, (Single Moms, Struggling Families, etc.) that were having these awful auto repair experiences, but I could also help educate them about WHY they were still being ripped off.... And how they could STOP it from ever happening to them, again!

I know I raised a few eyebrows, and probably some questions about my sanity! But I had my reasons for doing this ...YOU!

Before I bought the shop there were several nights Ed and I would sit and talk about our day. (like most couples do)

Night after night, I found myself listening to his stories about how this person, and that person, had been completely taken advantage of, and how Ed just hated that side of the Auto Repair business.

It seemed to him, like nobody out there was truly concerned about the safety of their customers.. ONLY their Repair Shops bottom line.

Well, We weren't about to go on with ... Business As Usual!

Both of us made a promise right then and there, that if we couldn't make an honest, decent living when we opened OUR shop, then we didn't want any part of the Auto Repair business.

I wanted to be able to lay my head on my pillow at night, knowing we had done our very best for every single person that put their TRUST in us that day! Anything Less, Just Wouldn't Do.

To me, The number one, most Important thing, and my main goal in buying the Repair Shop, was to treat every single person that brought us their vehicles, with complete Honesty and Respect.

(Check out what our wonderful customers have to say)

I drive by a lot of repair shops on my way to Auto Care Experts because only they are the Real auto care experts.

Loren P, Lake Elsinore

Thanks U Guys, Me and Letty do appreciate the fact that we have a place to go and not have to concern ourselves with the classic panic usually associated with getting our vehicles serviced. Over the past several years you guys have not only done a swell job working on our vehicles but the extra help last year from Ed. A car dealer back in Chicago ripped my Mother off.

I brought the receipts into Ed and explained what had happened. Through his knowledge of how things work in the car service industry, he made it possible for me to get $900+ back from that dealer for my Mom. Ed didn't charge me a dime for his time. You guys rock.

John & Letty

We have four vehicles and they are as different as day and night. All four have been serviced at your shop with complete satisfaction and always in a fair and timely manner. We recommend and refer everyone in our family, neighbors and friends to Auto Care Experts.

Anne L., Murrieta

Rip-Off Repair Shops take more from you than just your hard earned cash. They steal your trust. They put you and your families safety at Incredible Risk! (you'd be SHOCKED at what we see on an almost Daily basis!) See The 'EXPOSED' Report right NOW!

I'm guessing right about now, you're asking yourself, Just HOW am I ever going to tell the good guys from these, Rip-Off Shops?

We're almost there.... Honest!

How to know - if the repair shop your using, is Ripping you off,

or a legitimate Certified Repair Shop employing Trained and Certified Mechanics - and not just hiring "Parts Changers"?

I'm sure you've noticed, every year our vehicles are getting more and more complicated and sophisticated. That's so the Manufactures are able to deliver ALL those very cool Bells and Whistles, as well as the comfy luxury items we Insist on having... Right?

Vehicles today not only have A computer to control the many systems onboard, but most have Multiple Computers to control all the necessary operational functions that are required today.

So, doesn't it make sense that it takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, in addition to very specialized tools, to repair and maintain these highly technical, computerized pieces of equipment?

We are continually purchasing the very latest in testing, diagnostic, and service equipment. We also keep All of our Shop equipment up to date, and in the most current state available today.

We now have the most current equipment available to service ALL makes and models of vehicles... including Hybrids and Diesels.

We have equipment many other repair shops do not... so we are called upon often by other shops, to perform specialized services.... For Their customers!

Real Mechanics today, are truly "technicians". And they have to be continually and extensively Trained. They must also have access to, and be highly trained on how to use, all this new sophisticated equipment. This equipment is getting more, and more expensive every day. This High Cost puts much of this required equipment out of the reach of many of the Mechanics working today.

Are You sure? Don't Bet On It! I've got some very interesting Facts about Auto Dealerships and those large chain stores (you know the ones) that you should know about... But I'm guessing you probably don't!

There is a Total Misconception out there, about Auto Dealerships!

I think most of us have, at some time, trusted the Manufactures Dealership when it came to maybe, a newer model vehicle.

We think, the Dealerships must surely train all their mechanics on each and every model because the Dealers are tied directly to the Factory. It's where they purchase their vehicles. The Factory must extensively train them ALL... Right?... Really? (keep Reading)

It may surprise you to know, Auto Dealerships, Only have the 'OPTION' to get their mechanics trained - And, they must pay extra for any training they get for those mechanics. Training does not come 'included' with the purchase of the Dealership.

How many Dealerships, today, do you see rolling in cash?

Do you think they're paying Extra for that training today?

Of course they're not!

We've all noticed, they're closing down Dealerships right and left. They are cutting back on all aspects of their business faster than anytime in recent history. Cutting much of their employee costs. (ie: Hiring cheaper help)

Did you think Dealerships made most of their money selling cars?

Think again! Those service islands are what keep their doors open!

Mechanics are always jumping Ship. They run from Dealer to Dealer as well as independent repair shops, looking for greener pastures. Especially in a slowing economy. (The Dealers training investment, could easily walk out the door, and head straight for their competition... Opps!)

FYI - Most of the Dealership mechanics have taken HUGE cuts in their 'Flat Rate Percentage'. (ie: Commission)

Think they're paying Extra for training NOW?

NOTE: I'm not saying ALL Dealership mechanics are bad... I'm just saying, you have no way of telling who is doing your repairs once your vehicle is inside their service bays.

So, it makes sense they'd be cutting spending on things that you and I would never notice... like training? You can't see it! Until of course, they have a problem with a difficult repair job, or a warranty issue that just doesn't seem to ever get corrected.

Even after those many inconvenient drop offs at the Dealership.

To Try Again? ... Maybe another mechanic this time?

Then their lack of training becomes very apparent!

You see, Most dealerships have multiple brands, and models. And even if they train some of the mechanics on some of the models, you'll never know which guy is trained, or which guy was just free when your appointment came up. Can you say... NEXT!

Think about it .... Oh No, that's just not the Dealership way. ;)

You'll ONLY be dealing with your "Service Rep." NOT the mechanic that worked on your vehicle, and NOT the owner of the Dealership. Oh, and the Service Rep. is also PAID a commission... similar to that of the mechanics! (You knew that... Right?)

What do you think is one of the most important things on THEIR mind, while getting your vehicle up on that rack, in back?

Do we even need to discuss those High Turn Over Chain Stores?

I didn't think so. If you think the Dealerships have Secrets .... you don't even want to get me started on those chain stores!

Their people come and go so fast... it's pretty much all quantity NOT quality with their mechanics.

(Yes, you need to know!)

You probably think, (I know I did) that those Big Dealerships would have ALL the latest and greatest when it came to equipment... But you'd be Wrong! (I was fooled too!)

Most mechanics in the Dealerships still have to use their own tools, so that's No different really, than any other repair shop mechanic.

You'd be amazed at just how out dated a huge amount of Dealer equipment really is. I'm speaking from personal knowledge. My husband Ed is a (former) Real Factory Trained Mechanic so I can speak from his actual experience, in addition to many others.

Struggling Dealerships are not spending what little operating cash they have right now, or in the recent past on updating tired, old equipment in their Shops... Trust me! (Their trying to stay afloat.)

Don't let those Big Pretty Showrooms and Waiting Lounges, fully stocked with FREE coffee and cookies fool you. What you can't see, may not be so Pretty! It doesn't have to be -- because you'll never see it! They have you right where they want you, distracted.

Let's review some of what we've covered so far:

  • Auto Repair Shops and Mechanics are NOT Required to be Trained or Licensed. This is a Very BIG Deal! Your Life may depend on it! (It's not only the $avings, but also Safety!)
  • Dealerships are NOT always what they appear to be from the outside, and especially when it comes to providing Trained Knowledgeable Mechanics.
  • Dealerships don't always have the latest and most efficient tools and equipment to take care of your vehicle.
  • Certification of Technicians is the most effective way to tell the Rip-Off Shops from the Exceptional Shops!

First of all, I won't try to 'Dazzle' you with all the wonderful things we "do" and everything we can "repair" (you already know all that stuff if you've looked at any of those other Auto Repair sites)...

..What I am, going to share with you, is the reason WHY you can trust us with your vehicle, and why WE are just as concerned about the SAFETY and SECURITY of your family as you are.


We have been very pleased with the work you do at ACE, and it is a pleasure to offer our recommendation.

Owning an older vehicle, 205,000 miles, it is important to keep up on the maintenance and have confidence in the "shop" that is recommending and doing the work. Auto Care Experts has been our "go to" shop to keep it running perfectly. Thanks ACE!

Rick A.

Several years ago I took my Astro van to Auto Care Experts. The repairs and service were great!

Subsequent service and repairs have all been such that I almost look forward to my next needed visit. Ha, ha! Seriously, these people really know what they're doing and I have full confidence in their work.

And, they're genuinely nice and personable! Thanks, A.C.E. ! I'll be back !


Hello Lisa,
I'd like to share that my first visit at Auto Care Experts was awesome!  I needed an electrical diagnosis on my truck and Chris was the one who helped me - he was very nice and offered great customer service.  I loved the fact that the diagnosis was free, first of all; but then, he carefully explained the issues in detail and I felt confident that I was not being cheated. 

He even brought out my very dirty filter to show me what they were dealing with and offered to speak to my husband for reassurance since I told him that my husband is a big skeptic.  My husband and I agreed that the cost quoted was reasonable and decided to go ahead and get the work done here.  While we waited, my young daughter and I felt very comfortable and welcomed

Thank you ACE!
Maribel C., Temecula, CA

So, whether you're in our area or not, the information we'll provide for you here, will be invaluable for ANY and ALL of your future Auto Repair needs ... no matter where you live.

(Be sure you sign-up for our 'EXPOSED' Report and Newsletter!)

Next, I want to shed some light on WHY you're probably having such a difficult time finding a Repair Shop that can, and will, consistently and honestly deliver the type of Auto Repair experience you Expect AND Deserve....

.... If Auto Mechanics are not required to be Licensed - how do you tell if you should hand them Your keys?

There's only one way - Check for their Certification!

What Kind of Certification should Auto Repair shops and Technicians have? And how can you tell if they are Qualified to do your Repairs and Maintenance... Correctly?

Imagine saying that, when talking about your Doctor or Dentist!

What if your doctor attended school all those years, but no one ever Tested them, to see if they actually learned or knew what they needed, before offering you their medical services?

They would never touch you! ... You wouldn't go near'm!

And Yet, your mechanic can tell you about ALL the experience he has... but without any Certification, you have no way of knowing if that experience truly exists, or is it the proper experience.

Now don't fall into a Boredom Coma - this is Super Important!

Many of you may have heard of ASE, or maybe noticed an ASE emblem, sign, or uniform patch... but still have no idea what exactly it means to you.

Yet, this is probably THE most important thing for you to know, and understand when looking for a Qualified, Competent, Safe, and Honest Repair Shop.

First, Let me give you a little back round. ASE actually stands for Automotive Service Excellence and it has been around since 1972!

Have you ever been told about this Auto Repair/Mechanics Certification?

I'll bet not. And, there's a very good reason for that ...

.... most Repair Shops don't want you to know!

Not many people, even today, after all ASE's years in existence, know to look for this (ASE) when they are hiring a Repair Shop. It's EXTREMELY Important!

YES! So, let's look at how this ASE Certification actually works

.... And why this IS so very Critical for YOU ... and your SAFETY!

First, A Prospective Technician will need to register for one or more of ASE's 40-plus exams. (Can you see a problem already?)

Remember, Mechanics ONLY have to take these exams If they elect to. It is not Mandatory in any State for mechanics to go through ANY testing or Training! Not even ASE Testing.

Prospective candidates must pay the exam fees when they register for one or more of ASE's 40-plus exams. Oh, Yeah, did I forget to tell you, they also have to pay to take these exams.

Another reason, that many don't take the exams on their own.

The exceptional Repair Shops will usually Pay the ASE Fees for their Techs. to get them Certified as ASE Technicians, so they can offer only the BEST Qualified Repair Services in their shops. ASE testing also helps the Repair Shop owner better evaluate their Techs! (Now there's an Idea.) -- (We ONLY hire ASE Techs.!)

Now, here's the question you need to be asking yourself...

Which one of these exams (If Any) has your Mechanic Passed? And is it the one that they need, for doing the selected repair on your vehicle? Here's something else to keep in mind....

... ASE Certification is given to the Technician for each Test. You need to check their Certification License to be sure they are Qualified to do your repairs.

Don't forget, there are 40-plus exams, one or more for each area or component of your vehicle. Be sure the Tech. is certified on the area of your needed repair, before you ever hand over the keys.

Ok, after they pass at least one or more of the exams, they still must provide proof of two years relevant work experience. Then and only then, can they become ASE certified.

Certification, however, is not for life. If technicians want to remain certified, they must retest every five years.

Here's something else every important to ASE's testing process....

.... All of ASE's exams are administered by ACT, which is known for its academic and occupational testing programs.

Each of these very difficult exams, stress knowledge of job-related skills. And be assured... these tests are No cinch to pass.

And Think about this for a moment ...

... because It Should Greatly concern You ...

... Or, maybe even -- TERRIFY You!

Approximately ONE out of THREE test takers -- FAILS!

ONE in THREE? Now understand, that's not my estimate... that is ASE's actual statistics! That's something to keep in mind because...

... that doesn't mean, that "One", can't or won't work on your vehicle... it just means he may NOT be Qualified to do the JOB! Remember earlier we talked about 'Parts Changers', and just how expensive they can be? Well, here's a perfect example of how this can quickly become reality!

Now you can see why, there are so many Repair Facilities out there that don't hire Qualified ASE Technicians? They're hard to find! And, they are much more expensive. But worth every penny!

Gee, I wonder where that "One" mechanic went to work? :)

I hear it all the time... from Other Shop Owners that WON'T pay for trained Techs., that ASE really doesn't mean anything... It's just a Test. WOW!, I hope you're seeing that, "We Do it for Less" sign flashing in your head ... because Now You Know why!

YOU Now know - the TRUTH!

ASE Technicians credentials will always list their exact areas of expertise (brakes, engine repair, etc.). Shops generally display the 'technicians' credentials in the customer area where they can easily be examined by anyone considering the Auto Repair Shop for any of their Maintenance or Repair needs.

NOTE: There IS one very Special ASE Certification to look for that will help make your search for a Great Repair Shop much easier.

It's called, The Master Technicians Certification, and this will assure you that the Technician is Certified in every area of mechanical Repair and Maintenance.

But lets keep moving, shall we?

We all know just how fast technology and mechanics are changing, and how we all must continually be upgrading our knowledge and skills. Think - 'Personal Computer'. Every time you turn around, they need to be updated, and you need to learn their new programs.

Nowhere is this more important than in the Auto Repair Industry.

Your vehicle IS a Computer, that lives in the outdoors! It's subjected to extreme heat, sub-zero cold and unbelievably wet conditions.

These new vehicles are truly amazing... and very, very complex!

On going Technician Training is always available, but only a very few Technicians will actually pay and attend these extensive Training classes. (Normally conducted after work day ends.)

So, you'll want to always be looking for these Additional Training Certifications. They will most likely be posted with the ASE License. It really confirms just how current the Technician training really is.

... Certified Trained Technicians!

At this point, you already know 99.9% more than the average vehicle owner. (Go ahead... give yourself a pat on the back.)

The majority of the driving public have never been "EXPOSED" to this very valuable, and extremely critical information. Unfortunately, they will probably continue to be RIPPED Off by these Unscrupulous Auto Repair Shops.

(You can do them a BIG favor... send them HERE Now to get their very own 'EXPOSED' Report.)

But... We're not quite finished. There's one other thing you need to know and understand that will get you a Great Repair Experience!

Guarantees -- are the second Most Critical aspect of getting that Auto Repair experience You deserve... and should always expect!

Why is the Guarantee so vitally important?

First, lets discuss the difference between a Warranty and a Guarantee... and why only ONE of these really matters to YOU!

Warranties are generally associated with the products a Repair Shop is using in their services and repairs - Fluids and Parts etc..

These "Warranties" really should have very little to do with you directly... because these are between the Repair Shop and supplier.

Now, a Guarantee ... that's a completely different animal.

Your Guarantee is what the Repair Shop is willing to do, to stand behind the work they do for their customers. There are NO set rules that Repair Shops have to follow regarding Guarantees.... BEWARE!

YES, you can take them to court... and you may come out on top.

But is this really how you want to spend your already stretched, valuable time?

The Guarantee offered, will also give you an eye into the level of Technicians Training and Certification - as well as the Quality of products being used by a particular Repair Shop. (Fluids-Parts)

A Guarantee will generally be very weak if the Shop, is the "Wrong" shop, for you. They are so concerned with the (Low) Quality of work they are shipping out the door, they won't go out on a limb to protect you! (General Guarantees... are as good as NO Guarantee!)

And here is where the Exceptional Repair Shop, with highly trained Technicians, and that uses the very highest Quality Parts and Fluids -- that also carry the very best warranties.... will stand out like a Beacon on a moonless night!

I'll just touch quickly on the "I have my own parts" scenario, and why this is such a bad deal ... for you, the customer.

The main problem, but not the ONLY problem with this is, (No Guarantee!... on ANY work or ANY parts... You're completely on your own.)

Grab a copy of The "EXPOSED" Report to see an in depth look at just how horribly wrong This situation above can get!

Guarantee is absolutely essential to you in your quest for Reliable, Safe -- cost effective Auto Repair.

Because, it definitely won't be a bag of money!

If a Repair Shop has a vague and open Guarantee, they are leaving any disputed argument open for any number of wild interpretations ...they can get away with. So be sure you look for specifics in regard to any Guarantees offered.

NOTICE: Vendors, such as parts and fluid suppliers, are a Critical component in just how good a Repair Shop Guarantee is going to be. (This applies to Dealerships also.)

If they (The Shop) have the backing of great suppliers, they will be in a much better position to back every service and repair they ever do for you. They know they are not in this alone.

Here is an example of what we here at AutoCare EXPERTs have done to take our vendor relationship one Giant step forward:

"What's All This Mean For You?"

We Stand Behind All of Our Work and Parts 100%!

Our 100% NO-RISK to You, Guarantee!

We want YOU Absolutely Delighted with ALL of our work -- Everything we do comes with a Complete 100% RISK-FREE Ironclad Guarantee!

If YOU are not Happy with ANY of our work, for ANY Reason... we will do it over .... For FREE!!

If YOU still aren't Totally and Completely Thrilled .... YOU will be given ALL of Your money back -- No Questions asked -- No hard feelings, It's Completely YOUR Choice!

Just take a Look at AutoCare EXPERTS Incredible Guarantee!

With what you know NOW, YOU should be Fully ARMED to battle your way through ANY Auto Repair challenge you ever encounter!

You'll never be at the mercy of any Repair Shop again, with this knowledge added to your Auto Repair ARSENAL - and with The "EXPOSED" Report at your finger tips.

There's plenty more we could talk about, but that's ALL waiting for you inside THE "EXPOSED" REPORT - So be sure you Grab yours right NOW, before you pick-up that phone to make your next Auto Repair or Maintenance Appointment! (ARM Yourself!)

Well, then step right up...

If you're finally ready to be treated with respect and honesty, that Only a High Quality Certified Repair Shop can offer ....

.... With THE Absolute 'Best' Auto Repair Guarantee in the Repair Industry Today, that completely removes ALL Risk from YOU ....

.... Please know that we (AutoCare EXPERTS) are here, waiting to Welcome you and your friends and family, to our Family -- of Satisfied Customers and Friends.

Now don't get me wrong. We are human. We do make a mistake now and then. But, we will NEVER Intentionally Mislead you or Lie to you, just to make a Buck ...

... Would I really EXPOSE all of the above, and then try and pull something over on you? ... you're NOW way to smart for that! :)

Our 100% NO-RISK to You, Guarantee!

We want YOU Absolutely Delighted with ALL of our work -- Everything we do comes with a Complete 100% RISK-FREE Ironclad Guarantee!

If YOU are not Happy with ANY of our work, for ANY Reason... we will do it over .... For FREE!!

If YOU still aren't Totally and Completely Thrilled .... YOU will be given ALL of Your money back -- No Questions asked -- No hard feelings, It's Completely YOUR Choice!

  • Factory & Master ASE Certifications. (See Above)
  • Over 22 Years Professional Experience.
  • We Use The Very Latest Diagnostic, Testing And Service Equipment. (To Get it Fixed Right ...The First Time!)
  • Repairs Are Covered Nationwide At Over 13,000 Certified Locations For Your Security And Convenience.
  • 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee!
  • FREE 27 Point Family Safety Inspection For Your Family Security (Value $49.86)

We Also Have A Very Generous REFERRAL Program! (Ask Us.)

We Have The Most Incredible Weekly Coupon Special Delivered Directly To You, Inside Your Online Newsletter.